Explore our display homes for sale

We currently do not have any display homes available for sale. Check back again in the future to explore Hotondo Homes’ display homes for sale across some of Australia’s most beautiful locations.

Explore our display homes for sale

Hotondo Homes offers a range of display homes for sale across some of Australia’s most beautiful locations. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new display home or are interested in purchasing an existing display home, we have the perfect solution for you.

Frequently asked questions

Why buy a display home?

Display homes present the perfect opportunity for new home buyers and investors to start or continue building their property portfolio. By investing in a Hotondo Homes display home, you will invest in a home that includes high quality features and products, is located in a beautiful new estate with the surrounding amenities you’d want near a new home and finally, has the perfect tenants – the builder themselves!

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of a stunning, architecturally designed home, with the convenience of landscaping included in the cost and the security of a generous leaseback guarantee. Display homes from Hotondo Homes – the simpler way to start building your new lifestyle.

How does it work?

Your builder would rent the home from you, generally for 24 months, and will cover utility costs throughout the lifespan of the display home. Once the leaseback period has ended the builder will hand the keys over to your new home.

Whether you’re looking to live in the home, rent it out or on-sell it, buying one of our display homes will provide you with the flexibility to make your decision, while the builder helps pay your mortgage! With tax benefits available to certain buyers, you’ll be able to find yourself the owner of a new home much sooner.

What are the benefits?

There are a number of fantastic benefits to buying a display home:

- Guaranteed lease yield for the life of the display home

- Exquisite features and inclusions

- Variable lease periods

- Full landscaping included, established and maintained throughout the life of the display home

- Tax benefits available

- Unlike other rentals, display homes are well-maintained with appliances remaining unused so you receive the keys to a brand-new home at the end of the lease period.

Where to from here?

Take a look at our current range of display homes for sale to find your perfect solution. You can then contact the team to discuss the opportunity further by enquiring online. Alternatively, you can contact the team by calling 03 9559 5000.

*Display home terms and inclusions vary based on location. Please contact Hotondo Homes for further information.

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